Hosts3d is really amazing tool which is already deprecated from year 2012 but still can be compiled. For succesful compilation it requires libpcap and libglfw. The problem is that Libglfw version 3, which is only one maintained these days is not the appropriate one.

Before I figured out, I installed libglfw3 and try to check which files it contains.

Than we will find out that points to (on this picture it is already fixed). Okay than we can try to download older version of libglfw, because compiling hosts3d with this will fail.

Once we have it, untar it and you will see folder named „glfw-legacy-2.7.9“. cd to this directory and run.

# bash

Copy the file from ./lib/x11/ to the /usr/lic/x86_64-linux-gnu

ln -s

After that do :

cp -r include/GL /usr/include

Than navigate to hosts3d source directory and do :

./configure; make; make install

Than you should be able to succesfuly compile and install hsen what is sensor which is sending data to hosts3d instance and hosts3d binary..